This blog is more like a history I have with the Baker Boy's than just a success story. But, that being said, I have many success stories that are a credit to the teams trial and tribulations associated with hunting, especially bowhunting the Wild Turkey!!!!!!!
I've been hunting with the Baker Boy's since the mid eighties. We met and hunted whitetailed deer and feral hogs at Aransas Wildlife Refuge, AKA Mosquito Heaven. Man, the bugs I can do without, but I have a new extended family with the Bakers. They are true friends of mine and will be my friends for life.
We have been getting together for the last several years each April to hunt Rio's near their hometown of Vernon, Texas. The success stories run deep because we usually get some good birds to respond and commit to the sweet sounds that their calls produce. Sometimes a bird will hang up, or seem disinterested in our set up. Or, maybe just the calling sequence that we may be using at that given time fails to drag in a wary old tom. That's when we get serious. We will change things up a bit, or try a new call, or technique on them.
That's when a successful hunt means the most, to me anyway. I'm not knocking the easy ones, but if we killed a good bird every time we went out, it just wouldn't be as special as the ones we have to work for.
Luckily, the Baker Boy's make some of the best turkey calls money can buy!
Lucky for me, I met and became part of the Baker family, and that my friends, money just can't buy!!!!!!!

Brad Poinsett >>>------->
Baker Boy's Pro Staff